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Exhibition by Lucy Best-Shaw,Dr Frances-Ann Norton, Jane Gibson and Christopher Hall 


24th October - 28th October 2023. 




It is a fabulous exhibition that showcases artworks in different forms and mediums.



Please enjoy this beautiful collection of art from Open Gallery.



Admission free 


Open Gallery

18 Rawson Street










Lucy Best-Shaw

Christopher Hall




Lucy Best-Shaw

Lucy was born and brought up in Kent, on a farm at the foot of the North Downs. Her mother painted and sculpted in a variety of media and taught fine art.

She was encouraged throughout her childhood to paint, draw and sculpt.

After studying fine art at 'A' Level she continued with painting, drawing and sculpture as a hobby for many years, sometimes as part of a group or class whilst bringing up her two children and pursuing a career in nursing. Moving north in 1989 to live in Todmorden, then Leeds in 1997 where the contrasts of hills, mills and moorlands of the Pennines, and the parkland walks and Victorian reservoirs and canals of the Leeds area to that of the rolling hills and flat marshes of her childhood continue to fire her imagination.

She has recently been studying with Andres Jaroslavsky in York and Luke Thompson in Leeds/ Wakefield as well as taking sessions on-line with The London Drawing Group.

Some of her work has been exhibited nationally as well as on-line in various exhibitions. She has won prizes locally for some of her landscapes and in 2019 had a landscape featured in Country Life Magazine illustrating an article about a walk in the Trough of Bowland.

She is inspired by the Impressionists and likes to capture and suggest to the viewer the scene she has experienced in oil or acrylic paint, using brushes and palette knives.

She leads workshops on drawing portraits, drawing form, palette knife painting, tonal painting (based on the Zorn/ Apelles Palette), and is currently running monthly sessions on Life Drawing Exercises.





The Queen She Baah



Ma’am Weasel



Man Bag



MayFly Lady (Life’s To Short For Etiquette)



Man Drill



Señor Eater



Man At Tea



Man Booby



Whatever Happened to the Heroes?”



Herr Mit Krabben



Iguana Holiday


From the Artist

In a variously troubled world, there’s real value in the moments you find yourself smiling.

As a painter, my primary aim is to create art that’s inclusive, accessible to anyone who just needs a reason to smile today.   My work is deliberately and unapologetically absurd and my ideal audience are those willing to embrace that and revel in the ridiculous, with me.

But I also invite and encourage you to see whatever you choose to see in my work.  I myself smile when others find a hint of darkness below the surface humour, read their own narrative or meaning into a piece or engage with an aspect of my work in a way I hadn’t even considered.

Dr Frances-Ann Norton



Archangel Gabriel
St Francis & Clare of Assissi


St Mary Magdalene
St Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio
Lord of the Hours


St Nicholas
Our Lady of the Burning Bush


Our Lady Philerme
Our Lady White Rose


Our Lady Full of Grace


Our Lady Gate of Heaven




St Anthony


Triumph of the Cross




Matroshka Mother 
Matroshka Group

Jane Gibson





Ceilleach I
Ceilleach II
Ceilleach III
Cast a Circle


Cast a Circle II


Cast a Circle III






Field of Vision




Magic Circle












Talisman II


Talisman II


The World Inside Out


Our Team

Alina Savko





Paul Flack





Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.





Leonardo da Vinci