Open Art Exhibition

We have over 40 artists taking part in our current exhibition, 'Open Art'.

You are welcome to come and visit the exhibition at any time during our opening hours:


Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm



Open Gallery

18 Rawson Street, Halifax, HX1 1NX


The Open Art catalogue is avalable to purchase online on or in print at the gallery.

Tulin Bedri, Horse chestnut Ghost


Antonia Thompson, Red Daisy and Daffs


Juliet MacDonald, Window 4




Jane Kenington, Garden Tiger Moth




Sara Sousa, Beneath (Img.6)




Dea, Epiphany




Brian Plows, Morning Mist




Emma Faulkner, Untitled 2









Lucy Best-Shaw, House in the Woods





Queen Stitch QR, You Great Tit





Dr Frances-Ann Norton, Haliday's Boot Factory Bramely, II




Caroline Clarke Green, Moorland Light






Steve Murray, Resting Rocks




Jonathan Straight, Gas Mask




Lewis Andrews, Destruction of Our Pale Blue Dot II



Reihan Trandafir, Grapevine




Courteney woollands, Sleeping man





Susan Crowther, Under the Wind





Ben Snowden, What If I'm not meant to love






Kate Peel, Pink Light






David Willett, Rooftop






Sue Reddish, City Living







Andrzej Slezak, Making Gold From Base Metals






Gonzalo Blanco, Lunatic Asylum Chapel, York


Will Rogers, No man’s, landscape No 2




Oluwakemi Oluwunmi, The Moment of The Move




Nicholas Smith, Untitled 1




Tony Perry, Going to the Park



Sarah Perry Fine Art, Eurasion Eagle Owl



Jo Liddle, Crow Attack 1




Caroline Brown, Our Thoughts are Made of Colours




Lola Tyrer, Self portrait




Andreea Chitan, This heavy heart of mine



Michael Jarvis, WhereIwanttobe






Clara Finn, Alone in The Big Smoke





Chris A Tye, Signpost, Carthorpe Mires




Jane Walker, The City as Fruit



Trevor Fearnley, "Let's Dance" the crab dance




Jane blake, Inclusive space



Karen Horsfall, Bag no3





Corinne Hamer, A bit of Brueghel's Patience


Vanessa Crome, Rainfall over Chrome Hill






Veena Purchon, Let the Water Run







Sue Sheard, The Flying Scotsman






Lynne Dobson, Harry by Lamplight