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If you're interested in staging your own exhibition,the Open Gallery offers a dedicated gallery rooms that can be hired by the week at a reasonable costs.

If you're interested in staging your own exhibition, the Open Gallery offers a dedicated gallery rooms that can be hired by the week at a reasonable cost.

This opportunity is perfect for emerging artists, art groups, and individuals keen to showcase their work to a new audience. The Open Gallery is known for supporting local artists and providing a platform for them to exhibit their work.

When planning your exhibition, it's important to consider the dates, opening hours, and location. The Open Gallery, located at 18 Rawson Street, Halifax, HX1 1NH, has hosted various exhibitions and events.

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Staging your own exhibition is a fantastic way to share your artistic vision with a new audience. Whether you choose the Open Gallery or another venue, it's an opportunity to showcase your talent and connect with art enthusiasts.


​​ • 17 - 26 square metres of hanging space rooms

• open Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm

• space in the central Halifax

• friendly staff

• free publicity via website and social media

• just 20% of sales

• private view, if desired, by arrangement


To secure your art space dates please call Open Gallery

07826 754578 or email us: contact@OpenGallery.info


The Open Gallery in central Halifax offers 17-26 square meters of hanging space rooms for artists looking to showcase their work.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm, providing ample opportunity for visitors to view the artwork.

The friendly staff at the Open Gallery are ready to assist and create a welcoming environment for artists and visitors alike.

Artists exhibiting at the Open Gallery benefit from free publicity via the gallery's website and social media platforms, helping to reach a wider audience.

The gallery takes just 20% of sales, allowing artists to retain the majority of their earnings.

Additionally, private viewings can be arranged upon request, providing a more intimate experience for artists and their guests.

To secure your art space dates at the Open Gallery, you can contact them via phone at 07826 754578 or email at contact@OpenGallery.info

This is a great opportunity for emerging artists, art groups, and individuals looking to showcase their work in a central location in Halifax.


Exhibition Space fees:

£800 per week

Art workshop Space fees:

£100 per day



Open Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm


Closed Mondays & Sundays



The Gallery will be Closed on:


               29 October - 9 November 2023 

               1 - 7 December 2023

               Christmas Day and Boxing Day (25 and 26 December) 




as we will be preparing the next exhibition.











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