Animal Kingdom

We have over 20 artists taking part in our current exhibition, 'Animal Kingdom'.

You are welcome to come and visit the exhibition at any time during our opening hours:


Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm



Open Gallery

18 Rawson Street, Halifax, HX1 1NX


The Animal Kingdom catalogue is avalable to purchase online on or in print at the gallery.

Emma Eden, Extinct Yellow Bird

Ellen Harrold, Muscle Structure

Ellen Harrold, Dessicated Crab

Andrzej Slezak, Colour in a winter landscape


Laura Brenchley, Clemence and Freya



Galea Belinscaia, El Toro



Lois Palframan, Turnstone



Jane Marsh, Jazz



Sarah Perry, Waiting



Claire Crawford, The Prowl



Leila Roberts, Giraffe in the Bush. (South Africa.)


Bob Cooper, Jellyfish



Katrina Avotina, Adventures of Jimbo - "My First Trip Abroad"



Alina Savko, Freedom



Alina Savko, Approaching



Laura Brenchley, And then what happened?



Galea Belinscaia, Indian Rhino



Jane Marsh, Flamingos



Sarah Perry, Patience



Emma Faulkner, Bessie



Susan Kistner, Friend drawing digital

http://bright.hopes .com



Bob Cooper, Penguin



Dr Nicola Hill, Skipton Geese



Linda Flack, Zebra



Alina Savko, The Eye